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Why spend time tracking and managing, when you could focus on working? MoneyPenny is the only tool that simplifies business management, record keeping, time tracking and online invoicing ALTOGETHER. It’s designed to overcome the tracking and reporting struggles of small business owners and freelancers. No pain. More gain.

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Business Intelligence and automation at your fingertips

Automation is here to help you get paid faster. With MoneyPenny, professional estimates can instantly turn into projects or invoices. You setup your own payment terms and reminders.

Capturing company expenses like there’s no tomorrow

Go paperless! Organize your expenses on the go. Wherever you are, just snap a photo of your receipts and instantly attach them to your expense reports. Simple and secure.

Get paid faster! Speedpay via PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card

Credit card or PayPal? Either way, keep your clients happy. Help them pay you faster. Access secure and quick online payments.

Dream of tax simplification? Use Tax Consultant Invitation

Tax simplification for small businesses just got a new name. With MoneyPenny, you can invite your tax consultant to your account so he can access your invoices and expenses.

All your business reports in one place, in YOUR web browser.
No installation. No mess. Billing Software Application on iPad
  • Log time manually or use our intuitive time tracker
  • Access team timesheets in real-time
  • Automate payments and online invoicing
  • Monitor and edit billed hours vs logged hours on every project
  • Boost performance with advanced financial reporting.
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  • Which tasks waste your time
  • Which tasks bring more money
  • When are your team members more productive
  • Where to act on your over dues
  • Track every cent
  • Which projects ran into problems
  • Access detailed client analyses
Time tracking software —

MoneyPenny has made a huge difference to my business. All my finances are in order and I have increased confidence that my cash flow is under control. My clients have commented on how impressed they are with on-going business transactions.

Freelancer — software user
Maria ScarpecciEntrepreneur, Founder and Owner of Maria’s Florist

Measure Staff and Client Performance and Improve Processes:

The importance of measuring performance is paramount to future planning for freelancers and SME’s. With this in mind we built a slick management dashboard that allows users to measure and improve areas of weakness.

More on the dashboard

Flexible date ranges so you can compare current performance with previous weeks, months, quarters, years, or even your own custom date range.

Configure your dashboard to view customised personal data. Set date ranges to compare and report on transactions and performance.

Use graphs to display data trends on projects, hours billed, and more. Measure performance and share findings across your team.

Accurate Time Tracking

Track down every single second of your time. Don’t let timesheets get to you. Access user-friendly reports by team member, client, project for any timeframe. It’s YOUR TIME billed in real-time.

Guaranteed Data Security

SSL-encryption is not just for online banking. Your sensitive business data is safe with us. No system failures. No malicious attacks. Once you join us, confidentiality takes over via our highly encrypted servers located in Switzerland.

Business Intelligence

Make better decisions! Find out what is working and what is not by simply accessing updated reports on each client or project. Overviews include all working hours, costs, bills, offers and projects.

Say Hi, Hola or Konichiwa to International Clients

It’s time to go global! Cross borders, expand your business and target international customers. 12 languages (and counting). All 180 currencies. Foreign taxes and regulations. Yes, it’s all possible when joining MoneyPenny.

Recurring Invoices

Forget the invoicing hassle and automate as much as you can. Now you can easily set up recurring invoices with our billing software. You just add hours or expenses, and MoneyPenny does all the magic. Only that it’s not magic, it’s real.

Detailed Reports

Who is your best client? What about your top seller? Get answers to your questions plus accurate insight into your business performance with MoneyPenny advanced reporting.

Instant View Confirmations

Keeping track of your invoices is easier with MoneyPenny. You can find out when clients receive, view or pay your invoice. Send out payment reminders and get on top of your billing process.

Payment Reminders

If it feels awkward to remind your clients to pay you, leave it to MoneyPenny. Up to 3 friendly will head their way so you receive your money faster. No headaches.

Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive, MoneyPenny is easy to setup. Add your staff within minutes so they can login, track their time and submit expenses at their own pace, from multiple devices.


Expand your business today. We back you up with flexible online invoicing available in all currencies. Invoice your UK client in £ and your Japanese customers in ¥, then get back to your base currency to create your income statement.

Financial Overview

Master all your business data with advanced reports. You’re a few clicks away from a 100% accurate income overview.

Business Balances

Your profit or loss, your assets, over dues or account statements. Access a handy summary of your business at any time. Next time your accountant calls, you’ll say “just a second” because that’s how long it takes to get the data.

24/7 Support

If you ever get stuck or have any questions, we’re here to help.

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