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What is a Bill?

A bill, also known as a bill of exchange,  is an order that is used mainly in international trade. It obligates one party to pay a fixed amount of money to another party at a given date.

A bill of exchange operates in a similar manner to a promissory note or a check. Bank or individuals can draw a bill of exchange, which can be transferred via an endorsement. That means that a party can be bound to a third party that was not present during the creation of the bill.

Types of Bills

There are two types of bills:
• Trade draft: It is issued by an individual to another party.
• A Bank draft: Banks use this type of bill to entities or individuals.

How a Billing Works

To understand how billing works, it is important also to know how it is issued. There is no standard method of issuing. However, it is issued on the premise that payment will be made in future.
In business, it is important to assess the creditworthiness of an individual before accepting a bill of exchange.

Bills in everyday use

A bill of exchange is recognized as legal proof. In case one party dishonors an agreement, a bill of exchange will help you get respite in a court of law.

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