Support your association’s partners with best-in-class accounting and time-tracking software!

Running a business hub, an industry-specific group or a professional association? Help your partners save time and work smarter. How? Via MoneyPenny — the best accounting and time-tracking software.

What’s in it for you?

You have 2 options: receive a 20% monthly commission, in cash, for each new client you refer to us and stays on a paid plan, OR provide a 20% discount to your members. Recommend us to your business community, reinforce your reputation as a trusted advisor & get rewarded!

Why choose the MoneyPenny affiliate program?

A Whopping 20% Conversion Rate

Refer us to your members or your network. Convert the web traffic into cash. Earn a 20% commission OR provide a 20% discount for every subscription they buy, for as long as they stay on a paid plan – yes, it could be for years!

Monthly Payouts or Discounts

If you choose cash, you’ll receive monthly payouts. If you go for discounts, your members will get 20% off their monthly MoneyPenny paid plans. Either way, the benefits are active as long as they stick to their MoneyPenny paid plan. Keep helping them maximize their potential!

Friendly Support Team

Our affiliate experts will share power tips on how to increase your earning potential. Contact us anytime. Keep an eye on our blog.

Quick Setup

Why wait when you can sign up today? It’s simple, fast and FREE. You’ll receive your very own affiliate link within max 3 days.

Why recommend MoneyPenny to your members?

The smartest invoicing & accounting software for startups and small businesses is here.

Online Invoicing
  • Create & send invoices
  • Create recurring invoices
  • Receive online payments
  • Set payment reminders
  • Create & send estimates
Time tracking on the go
  • Manage team timesheets
  • Log time from any device
  • Track your team’s time in real time
  • Review timesheets and performance
  • Create customized reports
Rule expenses
  • Store expenses on the cloud
  • Go paperless. Snap photos of receipts
  • Link expenses to tax forms all year round
  • Assign tax-friendly categories
  • Quickly add expenses to invoices
Boost business performance
  • Access detailed reporting
  • Review staff performance
  • Simplify overviews with slick diagrams
  • Compare monthly earnings
  • Get user-friendly templates

Foster networking and get 20% for each paid subscription

The MoneyPenny Affiliate Program is a perfect fit for:

  • trade associations;
  • industry-specific groups (such as building and construction industry associations, or national craft associations);
  • information and resource centers/portals for freelancers, contractors and small businesses;
  • groups, forums or associations for professionals and entrepreneurs;
  • business hubs, startup hubs, impact hubs or co-working spaces.

Pick your reward type.

Support your association’s partners


You will receive a 20% monthly commission, in cash, for every new MoneyPenny user who came through your website and upgraded to a paid plan. Each month your leads stick to a paid plan, you’ll receive your 20% — IN CASH! If they use MoneyPenny for 10 years, you’ll get rewarded each month, for 10 years.

Become an Affiliate for Payout


Your members receive a 20% discount for their MoneyPenny subscription, as long as they’re paying their MoneyPenny bill. The percentage is applied to the MoneyPenny US$ pricing plans. This is an excellent win-win opportunity to boost your reputation as a trusted advisor & earn rewards for you or your network!

Become an Affiliate for Discount

How can I start getting rewards for me or my network?


Sign up

Register for a MoneyPenny affiliate account. It’s quick, easy and completely free to join. You’ll receive a tracking code to place on any online content you manage or refer us to your business partners.


Promote us

Spread the word about MoneyPenny to your business network: send our newsletter, mention us to your advisory groups or during your face-to-face consulting meetings.


Make your business partners happy & cash in!

Receive 20% as a discount for your members OR in cash, monthly, for each new MoneyPenny customer you lead to us. Once they sign up and stay on a paid plan, the rewards are active.

Unparalleled Affiliate Program Features

  • FREE to join!
  • Super High Commission
  • Monthly payouts
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team
  • Prompt payments
  • IP & cookie-based tracking
  • Friendly control panel
  • Live statistics
  • Accurate Conversion Tracking

Still have questions? We’re here to help.

Keep on providing support and networking to your members. Build trust. Recommend us to your community. The MoneyPenny Support team is on hand to answer any questions you have about our affiliate program. We’re here to help you make more money while assisting professionals and startups to succeed and grow their businesses. Just call or email us. We’ll get back to you shortly.

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