Email Preview

Whenever you send your clients an invoice, an estimate, an invitation, a reminder, etc. via email, MoneyPenny opens the Email Preview screen right before sending it out. Here you can complete the following actions: * Add the email receiver (one of client contacts) in the “To” field; * Add email […]

Auto-Complete Expense Fields

With MoneyPenny, if you have a recurring expense or want to create a new one that is similar to an already existing one, you can use the “Auto-Complete Expense” feature to simplify creation. To activate this feature, just go to “Settings” -> “Preferences” -> and make sure you tick the […]

New Expense Page

MoneyPenny makes it easy for users to flag expenses as non-billable even if they are already assigned to a client or project. An expense that’s non-billable is related to a client or project but cannot be billed (cannot be included in an invoice). However, the expense data will still be […]

Private Clients

In MoneyPenny, there are the two main types of clients you can have: “Organisation” and “Private Person”. Therefore, you can easily add as Clients not just Organizations but also Private Persons. The procedure is similar and equally simple in both cases. Just go to Clients list -> click “Add Client” […]

HipChat integration

HipChat is hosted group chat and video chat built for teams. It allows real-time collaboration with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, and screen sharing. Whenever a MoneyPenny account owner (and team leader) wants to know specific details, for instance: – when is his staff tracking time? – what is his team working […]

Service date on Invoices

The more you can customize your invoices, the better. Straight from your MoneyPenny account you can now add a “Delivery”, “Dispatch” or “Performance” date to your invoices. You can choose either a date or a free text to describe the “Service Date”.     If you opt for a date, […]

Order confirmation

MoneyPenny streamlines your ordering process, so if an estimate is approved the Account Owner (as well as the administrator or the team leader) can quickly send an order confirmation (based on this estimate) to the client: The Order confirmation preview: Whether you print or send the order confirmation, this event […]

Time Overview Portlet

MoneyPenny makes it easier for you to track who is working on what at any given time. The “Actual Team Overview” portlet is reachable from your dashboard and it will show you live the current activities of your staff. Here are a few helpful hints: – This portlet shows all […]

Ability to show/hide expense categories

With MoneyPenny you have complete control over the expense categories dropdown list. At any point you can choose to show/hide specific expense categories in the default dropdown lists. The path is: Purchases -> Expense Categories. Note: The hidden categories will not be included to the categories list on expense page […]

Greeting formula in e-mails

Adding a personalized greeting to your emails is a sign of professionalism and proves your attention to details. It also increased the chances of receiving a prompt reply, while decreasing the possibility of having your message marked as spam. Because it’s sometimes difficult to create automated emails based on the right […]

Staff cost on time entries

Staff cost on time entries If you’re interested in constantly measuring the evolution of your small business, you must keep an eye on the cost and revenue of your staff. Since the actual costs can increase or decrease, MoneyPenny helps you bind Staff costs to Time entries. You can add […]

Delete manual payments

Delete manually-entered payments If you manually recorded a payment for an invoice, you can delete it by going to ‘Sales’ ➝ ‘Payments’. Here, select the transaction you want to cancel and choose ‘Delete Payment’ from the list on the right-hand side.

Blocking Clients

The ability to block clients If you have clients with overdue invoices and want to make sure your team doesn’t log time for these clients anymore, the ‘Block client’ option is very useful. Any clients who didn’t follow your business rules may be blocked by you. In this way you […]

Time Tracking with Start – Stop

Tracking time with the Start – Stop function You can enter specific start and stop times in the time logging window. It can be used for special reports or team functions. Go to ‘Time & Projects’ ➝ ‘Time Tracking’, select the day, the project, the task and add some notes […]

Export as CSV

Export your data as CSV We know how important it is for you to know that you can easily import or export your data at your own convenience. That’s why, you can export all your data or just specific tables from your MoneyPenny account, with just one click. Go to […]

Reverse Charge notice

Set a reverse charge notice With MoneyPenny it’s easy to keep your invoices in accordance with official regulations. So if the receiver doesn’t need to pay VAT, you can use a reverse charge notice on your invoices. For instance, according to the European law, this has to be stated right on […]

Start – End time reports

Create Start – End time reports In MoneyPenny you can generate a detailed Report per Client based on the start and end time per Task. Such hourly reports can be easily created from the Client Dashboard, but just by the Account owner or staff members. You can have customized hourly reports by […]

Statement of Activity

If you want to compare all or a part of your invoices and expenses for a specific client or time frame, MoneyPenny has the ‘Statement of Activity’ Report. You can access it by going to ‘Reporting’ ➝ ‘Client reports’➝ ‘Statement of Activity’. At first, you will get an overview of all […]

Customizable address block

With MoneyPenny, you can now customize the address block on your invoices and estimates to meet the diversity of your business partners and industry-specific detail requirements. Just go to ‘Profile Settings’ ➝ ‘Preferences’. The ‘Customer Address Format’ section will have all the details, so that via a drop-down list you […]

Create your own Layout template

MoneyPenny encourages you to personalize your invoice and estimate layouts so they align to your visual corporate identity and specific industry standards. Just go to your profile settings, select “Templates” and start creating your own Layout Template by copying an existing template then adjust it as you wish. Name your […]