Credit Card Details

How do I update my credit card details? If you would like to change the credit card used for paying the subscription, go to My Profile (click on your name at the top of the page) ➝ Subscription. Here you can change a Credit Card Details or update a Billing […]

Subscription plan buying

How to buy a MoneyPenny subscription? Subscription buying with Credit Card and PayPal How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription? How do I update my credit card details? Pay your subscription via invoice How to buy a MoneyPenny subscription? If you are currently taking advantage of a free trial period, […]

Using Templates

What will happen if I change the template which is in use? How to create a template? Read here Your MoneyPenny documents (invoices, estimates, purchase orders) have their document styles – templates. MoneyPenny has 6 default templates (find out more about them from here) to begin with. You can review them in […]

Templates’ Types

Currently, we provide six types of PDF templates for your invoicing and estimates: Classic Clean Dubai Paris London Sofia Chicago Dortmund Praha The Classic Template The Clean Template The Dubai Template The Paris Template The London Template Sofia Template Note: Sofia template is especially convenient for our Bulgarian users. Only […]

Base Currency

What is a base currency? How to change a base currency? By default, your base currency will be predefined by the system based on your company location. If your predefined currency is wrong – you may change it after registration in Settings ➝ Company Profile ➝ Your Base Currency field. […]

Welcome Messages to Clients and Staff

How do my clients and staff see welcome messages? You can create welcome messages for your clients and staff members accounts at, Settings ➝ Preferences When your clients or staff login to their accounts – they will see your welcome message.

Invoice and Estimate Preferences

Editing sent invoices and approved estimates Invoice/estimate title & number Delivery Note & Packing Slip tasks and items Change Unit Hour Editing sent invoices and approved estimates You can enable or disable edits to sent invoices and approved estimates at Settings -> Preferences. If you check ‘Allow editing sent invoices’ […]

Profile Data

How do I change my Company Profile settings? To change Company Profile settings including company name, email, default account data, bank data, address, and phone – go to, Settings ➝ Company Profile. Company Profile definitions and uses Your Company Name is displayed on your account login pages and on all invoice/estimate […]

How Can I Change My Business Link (Subdomain)

To change the subdomain of your account, go to Settings -> Company Profile -> field “Business Link”. Enter changes and Save, as shown below: As soon as you’ve completed this step, your old business link will no longer be active. After clicking “Save Changes”, you will be logged out from […]

Best Browsers for MoneyPenny

Which browsers work best with For the best experience, please use the latest versions of these browsers: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari Contact us If you have an issue with your account which you can’t resolve or you’d like to suggest improvements to our service to make your experience […]

Predefined Settings Based on your Company Location

Which settings are predefined? When you register your account you will be asked to provide a company location. This location will determine which predefined settings are applied to your account. These predefined settings are: – VAT rates for your country – Profile language – Base currency – Time zone – […]