Change the Staff Cost for Old Timesheets/Projects/Tasks

Each member of the staff has a staff cost (their salary) allocated,  which is used to calculate the cost of their time spent on projects. You can set the staff cost on the Staff page (Dashboard -> Contacts -> Staff). To change the employee details just click on the name and you […]

Purchase Order – Goods Receipt Process

When you mark a Purchase order as ‘Delivered’ (more about Purchase Orders here), the ‘Goods Receipt Process’ window will pop up. First, fill the information about the received invoice and the delivery note from you vendor – just insert these documents’ numbers to the related fields as it will help […]

Purchase Orders

If you wish to create a Purchase Order, first, you should create an Order Request. Order Request Go to Purchases -> Purchase Orders -> Order Request -> Create Order Request Note: You can manage manually what Placeholders you will see on the Order Request, VAT number, or maybe Vendor’s Tax ID number. […]


For some types of expenses, you can apply a depreciation. These expenses categories could be any of the following: Office Equipment, Small Equipment, Software, Hardware, Other Office Equipment, Cars, and other Vehicles, Car Purchase, Other Vehicle Purchase, Properties, Plants and Equipment, Land, Buildings, Equipment, Machinery, Deposits, Intangibles, Investments, Patents and […]

Staff Permissions

MoneyPenny allows you to choose which reports should (or shouldn’t) be visible to your staff members. Just go to Contacts -> Staff -> click ‘Grant Permissions’ on the end menu of needed member: Then check the reports which should be available on this member’s account and uncheck the reports they […]

Recurring Expenses

If some of your expenses are recurring, you shouldn’t manually create them each time they occur. Here’s how we’re helping you save more time: You can set up a Recurring Expense Profile and Moneypenny will automatically create recurring expenses with a certain frequency. Just go to Purchases -> Expenses -> […]

Stationery Templates – Invoice/Estimate Template Background

One-page invoices/One-page estimates Your business documents could have your own background style. How to create a document template? Read here. Now let’s see how the ‘Background Options’ works. By default, it’s a ‘Blank page’ – so all the pages of your business documents have a white (blank) background. If you […]

Currency Number Format

You can change the currency number format by going to Currency settings (read more here) Just click on any currency to edit it and change the number format in the special field as shown below: – (‘, ‘ a comma) as a thousand separator and a dot (‘.”) as a decimal […]

Template Placeholders

Each of your template blocks (more here) has the ‘placeholders’ option. Company Logo block Sender Name block Client Address block Document Info block Intro block Totals block Terms and Conditions block, Notes block Payment options block Pagination block   There is some information which will be filled by default instead of […]

Bank Transfer Slip

You can create invoices with Bank Transfer Slip on the second page: So, how to add it? First, you should create a document template with Bank Transfer Slip (how to create your own template). Go to Edit template and mark the checkbox ‘Enable bank transfer slip’, then upload your bank […]

Document Space Images in the Templates

Document space images in the templates ‘No image available’ on Invoices You can use images from the Document Space (more about Document Space) in your Templates. You can add it as placeholders in blocks ‘Document info’ and ‘Placeholder’: When you are editing it, click on ‘Placeholder’ -> ‘Document space images’ […]

Subtotals on Invoice/Estimate/Purchase

When creating invoices/recurring invoices/estimates/purchases, you will see the total amount at the end of the document’s table. But MoneyPenny also helps you use ‘subtotals’. It’s very simple: add some items to your document and click ‘Add Subtotal’: If you wish, you can enter a name for this subtotal line (or leave it […]

Attach Timesheets/Expenses/Mileages to Invoice

Attach timesheets/expenses/mileages assigned to a specific project With MoneyPenny your Timesheets, Expenses, Mileage could be assigned to a specific client or project. – Timesheets. You can log hours to projects and if a project belongs to a client, then that timesheets will automatically be linked to that client. – Expenses. Use the ‘Edit […]

Invoice/Estimate History

How to know if the invoice/estimate was received and reviewed? Payments history You can find the Invoice/Estimate history below the preview. Just click the document number in the table to open its’ preview then find the history under the document: Here you will see information about all actions related to […]

Print the List of Transactions

If you want to print a list of all your transactions, just click the ‘Print’ button above the Transactions table: This means you will get a printed copy of all the information available in this table: If you’re only looking for some specific data, feel free to filter this list […]

Connect the Project with the Estimate/Invoice

If you want to connect a Project with an estimate, go to the ‘Project Activity’ tab in the Project Dashboard (Time & Projects, Projects, Click on the Project name you need, Project Activity): Click on ‘Connect estimate’ and choose one or several estimates (this list include only the estimates created […]

Staff: Working Hours and Notifications

You can define how much time your staff members should work during the week. Go to ‘Staff edit’ page -> ‘Working Hours’ block: Here you can enter the number of hours for each day of the working week. Also, you can enable notifications, for instance, if a user would work less than […]

Show Project Custom Fields on Invoice

MoneyPenny helps you organize your projects better by adding any information which is important for you, your staff or business. For this purpose, you can create custom fields (read more here). This information can be further displayed on the invoices generated through the project (how to generate such an invoice? Read […]

Project Dashboard

1. Project Dashboard – Instant – Project Reports – Contacts – Team Members – Key Performance Indicators – Project Metrics – Project Progress – Recent Activity 2. Manage Tasks 3. Logged Hours 4. Transactions 5. Project Activity 6. Retainer 7. Documents 8. Messages Project Dashboard is your window (and your fast […]


MoneyPenny allows you to group staff members very quickly, by teams, in Contacts -> Teams: Create your first Team by clicking on the ‘New Team’ button: Enter the Team name, choose the leader of the Team, add team members and save. Note: only members with roles Account Owner or Admin or […]