Projects Grid

Search Projects MoneyPenny makes your business data more visually-friendly. That’s why, if you go to ‘Time & Projects’ -> ‘Projects’, you’ll notice the ‘Projects’ table includes general information about existing projects that are very accessible and easy to understand. – The first column – ‘Project Name’ – shows project names, […]

Received Invoices

MoneyPenny makes it easier for you to not only send invoices but also to receive them. To get invoices through your MoneyPenny account, your suppliers should also have their own MoneyPenny accounts or you can invite them yourself. First, you have to go to “Sales” -> “Invoices” -> “Received Invoices” […]

The ‘Client Number’ for Clients

If you want to assign an internal number to your clients, you can enter it on ‘Add a client’ page (Dashboard -> Contacts -> Clients -> Add Client) : Once you press “Save Client”, this number will be displayed on the Client’s list (client’s table): Clients will also see this […]

Images on Templates: Stamp and Signature

In MoneyPenny you can send and print invoices, as well as estimates with your own stamp or signature. This will increase the authenticity while enhancing the professional look of your documents. To attach a stamp or a signature to any invoices/estimates, first, you have to create a template with this […]

Invoice Reports

The “Invoices Report” shows information about all your invoices and helps you get a clear overview of this side of your business. You can access it from “Reporting” -> “Invoice Reports” -> “Invoices”. Here, you can personalize it as much as you want and filter information by invoice creation date, […]

Payment receipt

For every payment, MoneyPenny gives you the option to access the payment receipt. You can have it as a PDF file or you can even print it. Simply go to the payments list (“Sales” -> “Payments”) and pick either of these options from the row end menu: Another way would […]

The Client Score/Rating

Customer relationship management (CRM) helps companies improve marketing, sales and service engagement with their customer base. A basic step towards creating extraordinary customer relationships is using a “Client score.” MoneyPenny adopted a simplified version of it, where you can assign each client a lead qualification status. You find this option […]

Editor on Terms & Conditions, Intros and Notes

To help you achieve a higher degree of personalized business communication, MoneyPenny supports an editor on the existing “Terms & Conditions”, Intros and Notes. This means you can now customize texts not only in text templates but also right on the invoice/estimate page. Just tap the mouse in the related […]

Team Monitor

MoneyPenny Team Monitor is a team performance tool that helps you track tasks and staff activities in real time. You can access the Team Monitor page from the “Time & Projects” tab -> Team Monitor. On the left-hand side, you can see the staff list with their current activity. This […]

Absenteeism Report

Another useful feature offered by MoneyPenny is the “Absenteeism Report” which comes handy for those interested in having accurate information about their staff’s time records. This report gives you access to detailed data on the hours worked by each employee. With MoneyPenny you can easily set daily working hours limits […]