Pro Forma Invoice

In MoneyPenny, if you create an invoice and do not activate it – so you just save as a draft – you have yourself a “Pro-forma invoice”. This invoice is only visible from account owners profile and staff members’ profiles (administrators, team leaders, team members). It isn’t displayed in the […]

Link Invoices to Projects

With MoneyPenny it’s very easy to link an invoice to a project. First, you have to choose the client, then on the “Edit Invoice” page, pick the project from the dropdown list in the “Select Project” field. Once you complete this action, you’ll be able to see this invoice in the Invoices […]

Text-block Templates

MoneyPenny helps you automate and simplify your business correspondence while making it appear more professional. Therefore, we propose default texts for many of the messages you send through your MoneyPenny account. All these messages, plus default invoice/estimate intros or default Terms and Conditions can be found in Settings -> Text […]

Payment Reminders – Automatic and Manual

MoneyPenny helps you get paid faster by enabling you to set up Payment reminders which will be sent to your client if the related invoice is overdue. This can be done either automatically or manually. Automatic Reminders To customize auto-reminders, go to Settings -> Reminders.  Here you can see 3 […]

User presence status

MoneyPenny supports user statuses (similar to Skype or other instant messaging apps) in order to keep you updated with your team’s time. From now on you’ll have a clear view of who is working on what, who is on vacation or enjoying a break, etc. At any point, users can […]

Capture Data – Temporary Staff Role

For the temporary staff on your team, you can use the role Capture data, which is a restricted Team member role. You can use it for new employees which only need to capture or view specific expenses and the time tracking data, with no access or viewing rights to other […]


Set Staff as an Administrator You may add an additional administrator to your account. That person can do the same as the Account Owner except performing the Subscription Changes. An administrator doesn’t see the Subscription and Reset Data pages, so he cannot buy a MoneyPenny account, change subscription or reset data. […]

Add an Expense to Project

If expenses are related to the project, you can attach them to it through the expense page. Mark the ‘Attach to project’ checkbox and choose the client and project. You will not see this information (attached expenses) on the project page. But you will be able to attach these expenses […]

Customize the Invoice Format

Adjust the invoice format to your needs The invoice format customization is a very powerful function. With this wizard, you can adjust and group invoices with the time entries easily in every possible format. Invoices with time entries can be very long and it isn’t always needed to have all […]

Hide MoneyPenny Footer and “Powered by MoneyPenny” Watermark

Remove the “powered by MoneyPenny” watermark Hide the MoneyPenny e-mail footer Remove the “powered by MoneyPenny” watermark Subscribers on a paid plan are able to remove the “powered by” watermark from: * estimates and invoices; * the MoneyPenny branded footer in our automated emails. In order to hide the “powered […]

Client’s VAT ID

Client’s VAT ID on invoices There are countries where you are legally bound to add the client VAT ID (tax number) on the invoice if a certain amount is exceeded (e.g. Austria – for invoices over 8.000 € – or in case of a reverse charge notice). Go to ‘Contacts’ […]

Document Space

Your personal document space Buy extra megabytes for Document Space Your personal document space Since we started MoneyPenny to help you run your business from one place – your MoneyPenny account – we also give you some personal document space where you can safely store files, as it follows: – […]

The Referral Code

Your own referral code We support an easy-to-remember referral code based on your first + last name and maybe a number (e.g. MartaMustermann or MartaMustermann1). Use it, promote it on your online channels and share it with your friends, colleagues or business partners. Each time someone uses your code to […]

Text Cloud for Tax Categories

Whenever you create/add an expense, just type in a phrase related to the context where you’ve spent the money, for instance ‘dinner’ or ‘lunch’. Based on the hint you typed, MoneyPenny will provide several choices for the correct tax accounts and expense types. You just have to select the right category […]

Staff Position

With MoneyPenny, it’s very simple to map your staff and assign specific positions they have within your business and on each internal project, they’re involved in. The ’Position’ field is meant to simplify any staff, projects and time overview you’re interested in. Simply go to ‘Contacts’ ➝’Staff’, select one of […]

How to Know if a Client Saw your Email

In order to help you get paid faster and simplify the relationship with your clients, MoneyPenny added the ‘E-mail has been viewed by client’ update in the ‘Invoice History’. You’ll no longer have to wonder whether your clients have received your invoices or to call them in order to make […]

Partial Payments

On MoneyPenny you can record a full or partial payment to an invoice. To do that, just go to the invoice list, choose an invoice and click “Add a payment”: On the “Enter Payment” page, uncheck “Pay in full” and enter the needed amount. After clicking “Save Payments”, the invoice […]

Expense Report

Expense Report – get an overview of your business expenses What is the MoneyPenny ‘Expense Report’? The MoneyPenny Expense Report is a quick and handy reporting tool which helps freelancers, startups and small businesses. Use the ‘Expense Report’ to track your business spending. Where can I find the ‘Expense Report’? […]

Payments Collected

What is the MoneyPenny ‘Payments Collected’ report? The MoneyPenny Payments Collected is a quick and handy reporting tool which helps freelancers, startups and small businesses. Use the ‘Payments Collected’ to see how much money you have received from your clients. Where can I find the ‘Payments Collected’? You can easily […]