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The smartest management tool for small businesses is here!

  • Auto-synced team & time management tools
  • One-tap live project tracking from any device
  • Painless & professional invoicing, CRM & reporting
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MoneyPenny: your one-stop cloud Business Management Software

MoneyPenny is the all-in-one business management solution for you. No matter if you have a small team, a startup or a seasoned business, manage invoicing, time tracking, project management, basic CRM or staff timesheets in a single web browser tab, from any device.

Live Team Management

Staff time tracking | MoneyPenny
  • Handy tap & go timers
  • Customizable staff reports
  • Easy timesheet management
  • Instant Hipchat & Slack integration

Professional online billing

Professional online time billing
  • Simple & quick billing
  • Auto invoice integration
  • Professional time tracking & billing
  • Detailed reports (payrolls included)

Project Tracking on-the-go

Time Tracking on-the-go | MoneyPenny
  • Log time from any device
  • Live task & team presence overview
  • Pro-active staff management
  • Instant activity notifications
Track your business performance live | MoneyPenny

Money Penny: Manage your team from any device. 24/7.

iPhone, Android phones or tablets. Our business management tools suit them all.
Designed for you & your staff. Supports all popular web browsers & screen sizes.

The Business Management Software

Tailor-made for your efficiency

Leading a team?

Showing startup doing Time Tracking | MoneyPenny

Stop wasting time with complex spreadsheets or several platforms. Integrate all your projects, CRM, reports, live team time tracking, invoices and payments in one place: MoneyPenny.

Running your business?

Showing small business doing invoicing | MoneyPenny

Why chasing who is doing what when you have to focus on your business? Track projects, organize your staff and stay connected with your clients from your private MoneyPenny account.

Do you have a startup?

Showing Freelancer doing expense tracking | MoneyPenny

Forget spending your funds on expensive solutions! Get this accurate, simple & affordable business management software. We were a startup too, so we designed MoneyPenny to fit your needs.

MoneyPenny is modern, intuitive and easy to use. Beside that it’s clearly structured and versatile. For me it’s THE professional work simplification for invoices, expenses and Time-Tracking.

Фрилансер, пользователь программного обеспечения MoneyPenny
Uwe Riek,
Founder of Riek Real

Easy, accurate and mobile Time-Tracking is my preferred feature in MoneyPenny. We convert every minute and work for customer projects into invoices.

Фрилансер, пользователь программного обеспечения MoneyPenny
Oliver Fritzsch,
Owner Fritzsch Heating tech.

A Business Management Software ready to keep up with you. Top benefits

Integrate & automate

Integrate & automate all you can

Live time trackers, invoice generators, auto payment reminders and many more. All in one place.

Save money

Start saving more time & money

We help you optimize. Turn more time into money. Minimize downtime, maximize profits.

Get organized

Get organized from any device

Auto synced work logs & live task trackers. Wherever you are, your business is with you.

Track live your team’s efficiency

Track live staff’s productivity

Get a live view of team performance & accurate time reports. All the KPIs in one dashboard.

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Great project-tracking tools. Clear communication

Wherever you are, you can now manage as many business projects and clients as you can from any device. Receive live project updates on your mobile, for instance: “task done”, “John started a new task” or “Jane stopped working on task x after 6h”.

  • Streamline staff & client communication with instant email notifications, plus quick HipChat & Slack integration.
  • Create, manage and track tasks or projects at your own pace, from your MoneyPenny account.
  • Instant overview of staff rates, budgets, invoices and project hours anytime, anywhere. Basic CRM features available, too.

Pro-active team management on the go

Wherever your team is, with MoneyPenny you get a live view of task progress, staff presence and team productivity.

  • Handy & interactive time-tracking tools & apps for iPhone, Android phones & tablets.
  • Live synced team time tracking, featuring painless apps, timers and simplified timesheet management.
  • Our Team Monitor, Team Calendar, instant messaging and live notifications make pro-active team management happen.
Team monitor MoneyPenny
Browser tabsTime tracking reports MoneyPenny

Live overview of your business

At any given time, you know exactly which projects are moving ahead, the cash-flow status or who is your most profitable client.

  • Our Client, Business and Project Dashboards are here to wrap up all the data you need in one page.
  • Featuring: projects progress, lifetime value, client account statements & detailed invoice history.
  • Build your own slick reports to make informed decisions regarding budgets, staff performance, transactions & projects.

Your small business management tools: why choose MoneyPenny?

  • Professional team & time management tools.
  • Affordable. Paid plans start at ~1$/month/user.
  • Live staff & task tracking. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Painless device shift. Your data is auto-synced on the cloud.
  • We listen and develop our users’ best suggestions.
  • Manage teams, clients & your business in one screen.
  • Completely scalable. If you grow, you can upgrade.
  • Our apps match all your staff’s devices & resolutions.
  • Live user status: “Present”, “Break”, “Absent”, “Vacation”.
  • Easy, interactive & handy tools. No gurus needed.
  • Customizable reports on staff, projects & budgets.
  • We comply with the highest Swiss data security protocols.

Who we are
and why we created MoneyPenny
time-tracking tools

Our mission is to deliver the smartest, safest and painless cloud accounting tools, so that our clients don’t waste time on tasks that are not part of their core business (such as bookkeeping, invoicing or financial reporting). We help them stick to what they’re passionate about and easily organize their business anytime, anywhere.

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