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Live Time Tracking Widget
Live Time Tracking Widget

Live Time Tracking

The smartest Team Time Tracking Software

  • Professional timesheets
  • Painless time tracking on the go
  • Live team performance tracker
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What is MoneyPenny live time tracking?

We give you a suite of accurate live time-tracking tools so you can see in real-time who is working on which task/project. Track tasks and staff, team performance and efficiency in real-time, from any device. No matter where you are, you and your staff can log time, run timers and integrate timesheets into invoices within seconds. Your time-tracking painkiller is here to boost productivity and help you switch to pro-active team management.

Painless Team Time Tracking

Team time tracking
  • Tap & go timer
  • Advanced & easy-to-use time reports
  • Live notifications via HipChat & Slack
  • Cloud-based time logging & billing

Time tracking on the go

Time Tracking on-the-go | MoneyPenny
  • Integrated project tracking
  • Log time from any device
  • Live task & team monitoring
  • Track your team’s time in real time

Professional online time billing

Professional online time billing | MoneyPenny
  • Smart & quick time invoicing
  • Painless invoice integration
  • Fully flexible & slick layouts
  • Easy timesheet management
Track your business performance live | MoneyPenny

Team Time Tracking 24/7 – track your business performance live with MoneyPenny

We have time-tracking apps for iPhone, Android phones & tablets.
Designed for all web browsers & screen sizes.

MoneyPenny live time-tracking tools are for you

Leading a team or a project?

Startup team using live time tracking

Don’t overspend on costly & complicated devices or time-tracking solutions. Access accurate & affordable time tracking tools. You control the money flow.

Running a business?

Small business owner using MoneyPenny Invoicing Software

Business owners can get instant team & task progress overview. Painless timesheet integration, plus your staff will love the simplicity.

Are you a freelancer?

Freelancer using MoneyPenny Time Tracking and Invoicing Software

This is your painkiller. Our timers help you organize clients, teams, business data & projects on-the-fly. Fast & accurate client billing.

MoneyPenny is modern, intuitive and easy to use. Beside that it’s clearly structured and versatile. For me it’s THE professional work simplification for invoices, expenses and Time-Tracking.

Фрілансер, користувач MoneyPenny
Uwe Riek,
Founder of Riek Real

Easy, accurate and mobile Time-Tracking is my preferred feature in MoneyPenny. We convert every minute and work for customer projects into invoices.

Фрілансер, користувач MoneyPenny
Oliver Fritzsch,
Owner Fritzsch Heating tech.

Key Benefits of MoneyPenny time-tracking tools

Get organized

Get organized

We synchronize your business data & files. Manage budgets, teams & projects on the go.

Track live your team’s efficiency

Track live your team’s efficiency

Get detailed time & performance reports. View your time-related KPIs in one dashboard.

Save money

Save money

Turn more time into money. Easily cut tax costs by sharing your accounting data.

Live messaging & notifications

Live messaging & notifications

Streamline team communication with MoneyPenny’s Hipchat or Slack integration.

Безкоштовний автоматичний облік часу

Live time tracking

With MoneyPenny you get painless integration of all your time-related data, including timesheets, reports, projects and bills. We keep up with your dynamic work pace so you can swiftly:

  • Link your time logs with travel expenses, then generate an invoice with one tap.
  • Manage team workload from any device.
  • Access project progress tracking anytime, anywhere.

Our time tools are easy to use and any time changes or later edits are a piece of cake.

Team time tracking

Track tasks and activities in real time.
Our team performance monitor get you a live view of:

  • Current individual/team activity progress.
  • Live task tracking and instant messaging.
  • Who is doing what and if they’re productive or not.
  • Real-time notifications via smooth HipChat and Slack integration.

A live view of your time data improves the chances of making better decisions and generating more money.

Moneypenny team time tracker
Browser tabsTime tracking reports MoneyPenny

Powerful time reports in real time

Powerful reporting is the secret to a healthy business growth. MoneyPenny helps you create customized time reports so you get an accurate bigger picture.

  • Group time by client, project, task name or user.
  • Organize time entries, set filters and focus on relevant data.
  • Slick charts will show how much is your team’s time worth.
  • Export/import CSV data within seconds.

Painless integration across all MoneyPenny tools includes smart data links to your staff, projects, tasks and budget.

Why choosing MoneyPenny live time tracking

  • Professional time management.
  • Live team monitoring.
  • Intuitive. No advanced skills required. No efforts.
  • Affordable. Master your team’s time for ~1$/month.
  • Online team management made easy.
  • Assign tasks & check progress from any device.
  • View task progress in real-time.
  • We always listen your suggestions & upgrade.
  • Your business in your hand & on the cloud.
  • Fits any device & screen size.
  • Scalable. You grow, you upgrade.
  • The highest Swiss data safety & privacy protocols.
  • Advanced time reports on staff, projects, tasks & budget.

Who we are
and why we created MoneyPenny
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